Project Management & Effective Tailored Solutions, ProMETSo, founded in 2013.

Project Management, including
   - professional and realistic project planning,
   - budget estimation, control and responsibility for the implementation and execution,
   - assigning and control of relevant team members,

Effective tailored solutions, in the matter of
   - preparation of initial business scenarios relevant to the clients' needs,
   - converting initial business scenarios into realistic business plans,
   - business-to-business solutions,
   - providing design solutions based on a team of experienced and committed engineers,
   - virtual and augmented reality solutions as a part of design solutions,
   - digitalization solutions in order to increase the efficiency and profitability of the company,
   - "less paper" engineering solutions.

We are located in Gdańsk, the city with over a thousand years of history, whose identity has been influenced by different cultures over the centuries. Where „Solidarność” started the biggest strike during resistance movements against communism. Home to the Gdańsk University of Technology, where students gain the necessary education to work as professional engineers.

Major fields of business activity

Maritime industry


Industrial HVAC


  Kościerska 5

  80-328 Gdańsk, Poland